This blog is about my cycling activities, and perhaps some of my other interests.

I have always enjoyed cycling.  I like working on bikes as much as riding them.   For the last several years my main cycling passion has been Randonneuring.  I hope to use this blog as way to document some of my rides and share my interest in cycling.

Randonneuring, in a nutshell, involves long distance unsupported bike rides called brevets.  Brevets are not races, but they do have time limits.  The goal is to finish within the time limits while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow randonneurs.  While the time limits are generous the rides include intermediate checkpoints called contrôles, which have open and closing times to ensure riders are progressing through the ride.  Missing a contrôle closing time is grounds for disqualification.

Banking Time is a reference to the practice in randonneuring of cycling fast enough to reach contrôles well ahead of the closing time, thereby ensuring a cushion, or “time in the bank”, with respect to the closing time. More “time in the bank” means there is more time to spend off the bike eating, resting (and even sleeping on longer brevets), while ensuring the ride can be completed within the overall time limit.

Lets go ride!IMG_0877


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