COC Tour Day 1

Pre-ride to Echo Lake

27.3 miles, 2:12:54 in the saddle, 1947 ft of climbing

Total Miles: 27.

I got into Tahoe around noon yesterday (Saturday). I got some lunch and checked into my motel for the night. I got my bike together and everything is working fine.

Then I met some of the group I’ll be riding with for dinner. A few of us agreed to meet at 7:30 this morning for a ride up to Echo Lake and back. I fueled up at Starbucks before heading over to the motel where our ride will actually start on Monday after a group meeting/introduction tonight. I had to stay at a different hotel last night as the starting motel was booked.

The ride included a nice climb up the old road that is now closed to traffic. It was pretty steep in places but was a nice ride up to beautiful Echo Lake.

Old Road

Tahoe in the Distance

Echo Lake

June 25, 2016

It was a quick ride back down and into South Lake Tahoe where I veered off to my motel for a quick shower and then got checked out before 11 am. I Uber’d a car to carry by bike case and bags the mile over to the start motel. I took off on my bike as the Uber ride was leaving an met it at the motel. I had been worried about how to get my gear over to the motel but the Uber worked great and only cost $8.

The group got together and we got all the introductions and pre-ride briefing after eating pizza for dinner. During the later part of the meeting involving the next (first) day’s route) I got a nose bleed that just wouldn’t stop. Had me very worried because I’ve had some in the past that required medical attention.

But I got to my room and it finally stopped and I think all is well. Nose bleeds are pretty common with the altitude an dry air.

Anyway, I’m exited to actually start the tour tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be sunny for basically the first week of the tour, and pretty hot, with highs in the 90s.

4 thoughts on “COC Tour Day 1

    • Thanks Rob. I love the bike. Check with Tom at The site indicates he has a 56 available. Also check


      • Hey Ted, Actually I just contacted both of them about a week ago and they are both fresh out of them with no plans for future production.. 😥

        Now it looks like the hunt for someone who wants to part with one rather than buying a new one.


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