PCS Day 23

May 27, 2016

Refugio SP to Sycamore Canyon SP

81.2 miles, 5:50 in the saddle, 1798 ft of climbing

Total Miles: 1278

Today’s ride was supposed to be about 60 miles. But Logan, who was ahead of me after my stop in Santa Barbara for breakfast, called and discovered that McGrath SB is closed. I should have known myself, as the errata sheet with the ACA map indicated that the Hiker/Biker sites were closed.

Refugio Campsite in the early morning

Anyway, the only real choice was to continue on to Sycamore Canyon SP that had Hiker/Biker sites and showers, it would just make it an 80 mile day. With my long day yesterday I was not real excited about another one but it is what it is.

The ride into Santa Barbara involved more Hwy 1 in freeway configuration. While not quiet, or scenic, you actually make good time on roads like this, with a wide shoulder and easy grades.

Hwy 101 Freeway

So soon enough I was making my way through UC Santa Barbara on nice bike paths. I took the scenic route and wound all around campus before getting on more bike paths into Santa Barbara.

UC Santa Barbara

I eventually ran into Logan and we continued on to the beach where I saw a Sambos, so I pulled off and had breakfast. I had to wait a bit to get a seat outside where I could watch my bike. Apparently Sambos is pretty popular. The food was okay, nothing special.

Santa Barbara

It was 11:30 when I left Sambos and headed down access roads along Hwy 101, avoiding the freeway. A little before Carpinteria I got the call from Logan. And then as soon as I got going I had my first flat (rear wheel) of the trip. It was a small, rusty T-headed tack. I found a bit of lawn in the shade on the side of the road to change out the tube and was back on the road, starting to feel anxious about all the miles still left. I thought it was interesting that probably half a dozen cyclists passed me while I was changing the tube, and none said anything to me.

Leaving Carpinteria there is a long section of bike path adjacent to Hwy 101 that was pretty cool.

Bike Path along freeway

Eventually I ran into Logan again in Ventura. We rode together until I found a Subway, where I had a sandwich. I was feeling low on energy, and had that hungry-feeling-but-nothing-tastes-good thing going.

I felt a little better after getting food. The rest of the ride through Port Hueneme is not much to talk about. I stopped at small Food Market and got supplies for the evenings meal.

NAS Point Mugu

I was happy to pull into Sycamore Canyon a little after 5 pm. Nestled in trees and out of the wind, the H/B site was sort of overgrown with dry grass. But the showers were great and the dry grass made a nice place for the tents.

A gentleman talked with me for awhile about the ride and bikes. He later brought Logan and me hot bowls of chowder from Neptune’s Net, an apparently iconic restaurant nearby.

Good, if long day. When it’s all said and done it’s nice to have the extra miles done!

4 thoughts on “PCS Day 23

  1. Hi Ted, looks like a lot of beautiful country! Beth is in San Diego for a summer project. She has to find a job, and had an interview with a bike shop that gives bike tours around the city 🙂 We enjoy your posts! Paige.

    • Thanks Paige for following along. I hope Beth gets the job, sounds like fun. Ironically, I haven’t really seen the sun since I’ve been here in San Diego. I told Saree that we’ve got to do a car tour down the coast sometime staying in B&Bs and little inns, and spending more time exploring beaches, etc. Things to do when she is retired!

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