PCS Day 21

May 25, 2016

San Simeon SP to San Luis Obispo

37.4 miles, 2:39 in the saddle, 1396 ft of climbing

Total Miles: 1107

My plan for today is to ride to San Luis Obispo and get a motel for the night and do some laundry and relax a bit.
So I said goodbye to Logan again, not sure if I’ll see him again, as he will be going further today. Also said goodbye to Carl. He’s ending his tour today. He was great to talk to, and has put in some hard days!

Carl, really great guy.

Logan, great camp mate!

I was really feeling a bit down last night for some reason. We had no cell reception, no showers for the 2nd night in a row, and the campsite was really mediocre, located close to the highway. So I really felt I needed to take a break and take stock of things.

Not many pictures today as there wasn’t much interesting to see. At the suggestion of Carl, I took Hwy 1 into SLO, instead the back roads on the ACA maps. This was a good choice as Hwy 1 had a nice wide shoulder an I didn’t feel like I needed any extra miles.

I got into SLO and got my room, and the lady there was very helpful in getting my load of laundry done. And I got a call from my best friend, Gary that was encouraging. I went to dinner downtown and ended up in a quite expensive place. My dinner was more than my room! Oh well, it was a really good steak.

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