PCS Day 20

May 24, 2016

Kirk Creek CG to San Simeon SP

41.1 miles, 3:37 in the saddle, 2578 ft of climbing

Total miles: 1069

I left camp a little before Logan but he soon passed me on one of the climbs. I was definitely feeling sluggish today.

Kirk Creek Campmates, Me, Edric, Logan, Kaitlyn, Dan

I stopped at Plaskett CG about 5 miles down the road to fill up the water bottles. Then it was off to attack the climb to Gorda. When I got there Logan had already appraised the cost of goods ($3.50 for a Cliff Bar) and was headed onward. I decided to stay and have breakfast, which was very good, if not a bit pricey.

Next up were a couple of climbs/descents before Ragged Point, which would be the end of the dramatic coastline. I continued to feel a bit tired on this section.

It was sunny when I arrived at Ragged Point. I bought a Starbucks chilled mocha and made a couple of PBJ sandwiches while sitting in the sun and watching all the (mostly foreign) tourists.

There is one final downhill after Ragged Point and then it’s mostly flat with a few rollers all the way down to Morro Bay. Our destination was San Simeon SP, about another 18 miles. This drug on for me but I did enjoy seeing the Elephant Seals. The things are huge and just lay in the sand, sometimes using their flippers to flip sand on top of them. They just fill up certain beaches, and leave a noxious stench in the air. But still cool to see.

Surly and Seals

Just laying around

I eventually pulled into San Simeon Village, 2 miles before the SP, and found Logan at a small convenience store getting supplies and a couple beers for tonight’s camp.

The big disappointment was that the showers were closed due to drought conditions, so all they had at the campground were porti-potties, and taps for drinking water. Also, we had no cell service again, even though we had good service in town 2 miles away. I had hoped to do some internet/planning for the next few days.

We cleaned up as best we could and made our dinners. Carl, another southbound rider, showed up and pitched camp.
I’ve run into Carl before, and he camped at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Monterey the night I was there. It was fun to visit with him again and compare notes.

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