PCS Day 18

May 22, 2016

Davenport to Monterey (Veteran’s Memorial Park)

60.4 miles, 4:60 time in the saddle, 2698 ft of climbing

Total Miles: 967

The Weather App said it was 45 outside, so I got dressed with my tights and fleece top. Once I got outside, it didn’t seem that cold.

Davenport Roadhouse, my home last night

I could see all the way across Monterey Bay to where I was headed today. I know it doesn’t show up well in the picture. I was surprised by the number of vehicles at waysides, with people obviously sleeping in them.

I’m headed way over there

What was the big change today, is that I had headwinds for most of the day. Not real bad, but enough to wear me down a bit.

I followed the ACA route through Santa Cruz without a hitch and stopped at a Starbucks off of Soquel Ave that I remember stopping at on the 3CR ride I did in 2014. While the fleece  kept me somewhat warm both it and my jersey were soaked from sweat. I don’t know why I sweat so much even in cool weather.

I dried out a bit and soon found myself in acres and acres of strawberries. The ACA route takes you on a bit of a circuitous route to avoid Hwy 1, but the bonus was the strawberries, which I was even able to sample when I came upon a bunch of them scattered on the shoulder of the road. The were sweet and delicious.

Acres and Acres of Strawberries

Ah, some free ones for me!

Once back on Hwy 1, I just had to push through the headwinds to Moss Landing, where I got some fish and chips at a restaurant on the water. There appeared to some sort of kayaking event taking place as there were tons of them about.

Fish & Chips at the Sea Harvest Restaurant

Moss Landing

Fueled up I headed out for Monterey. The routes gets on a bike bath that runs for miles. The first part appeared to have very little use, but it was nice not to be on Hwy 1 which was freeway at that point. I was still battling the headwinds so it seemed to take a long time and sap my energy to make progress.

I stopped at a Starbucks in Marina to recharge a bit. The trail ran right down by the beach at one point.

Sand City, really.

Almost to Monterey

I finally got into Monterey, where the wind wasn’t so bad, and found a Trader Joe’s for some supplies. Then I headed to Veteran’s Memorial Park which is run by the city and offers Hiker/Biker sites. But boy, I had to climb almost 500 ft to get there. Fortunately I had been warned by a cyclist I saw today that there was a big hill to the campground. I was disappointed that Logan was not there, and didn’t arrive after me either.

Big climb to the Campground

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