PCS Day 17

May 21, 2016

Daly City to Davenport

59.5 miles, 4:50 in the saddle, 3041 ft climbing

Total Miles: 907

I didn’t sleep well last night in spite of the comfy bed, got packed and over to a Kripy Kreme for some energy food, those soft, succulent round things they make there. They were rolling off the assembly line so mine were nice and fresh.

I left Krispy Kreme at 7:30 with a Google plan to avoid, or a least make easier the hill I knew I had to climb. Big mistake. What looked on the map like it would kind of switchback up the hill became multiple hills and then a wall. I know it doesn’t look like much in the picture, but my computer registered 21%. I had it in the 24-36 and just gutted it out.

21%. Really

Once back on route on Skyline Drive (that in itself should worry a touring cyclist) I was on another long climb, only to crest, and immediately drop back down nearly to the ocean. Character building. But I was glad to get out of Daly City.

Hill I came up

Hill I gotta go down

I cruised through Pacifica, and it looked like a cool place but it was too early to stop. Soon I was climbing again through a eucalyptus (I think) grove in route to the Tom Lantos Tunnel.

Pacifica Beach

The tunnel was actually quite long, but dead straight, downhill (going south anyway), and with a large and smooth shoulder to ride on. Quite a pleasure to coast at 19 mph. And the air was a bit warmer which felt good.

More dramatic coastline into Montara where I stopped for an Americano at a small coffee shop. My computer registered I had climbed nearly 1200 ft in the 13 miles I had come.

I took this picture of a little store (Easy Mart) that was one of the controles on the Central California Coast Randonee that rode in July 2014. I would now be traveling some of same roads I was on back then.

There was a really nice bike path that went along the coast into Half Moon Bay SP. Once I was back on Hwy 1, I realized that may have missed a chance at finding a convenient spot to eat, as I was getting hungry. But you can never go back. I stopped at a Pub/Campground that was open but they weren’t serving food yet (about 10:15). The Krispy Kremes carb burst was completely gone and I needed food. I decided I would pull off the road and make my freeze-dried breakfast lurking in the bottom of one of my panniers. But, then, suddenly a large nice diner appeared, Half Moon Bay Joe’s. Life is good.

Bike Path into Half Moon Bay

Fueled by a 4-egg omelette I headed south. The terrain is mostly open fields leading to bluffs or beaches, allowing for long vistas, and long rollers, not too steep. I passed through an area of U-Pick strawberry farms.

Interesting how clould affect the water color

I had been worried by the forecast of WSW winds, and I did have to battle the quartering headwind much of the way. Fortunately they were mostly less than 10 mph, and often there was some protection so it really didn’t seem to bad.
I felt pretty good so I kind of put my head down and just motored on to Davenport. I encountered a group of women, who were training for a trip they have to cycle in Ireland. I chatted with them a bit and eventually moved on ahead of them.

I got into Davenport at about 2:15, and cooled down in the restaurant with a beer and a bowl of soup for a late lunch.

Beach near Davenport

I’m splurging on this stop, but there weren’t any camping options without going to the far side of Santa Cruz, another 15+ miles. I didn’t want to do a 75 mile day.

I got a nice room and had a fancy dinner, that was quite delicious.

2 thoughts on “PCS Day 17

  1. I’ve driven this section of highway a few times and wondered how it would be for cycling. It can always be cool next to the coast there. There are some killer hills, but sometimes the feullage helps to prevent it from being tough. I also burn out on pure sugar rushes for breakfast quickly. The omelettes help a lot. Of course, I taste them and all the part up succeeding hills. Part of the fun of GERD. As I noted to a doc on the team of our TransAm trip last summer – Good Eating Re Done. Happy continued trails into Monterrey and Carmel. Can you ride the 17 mile drive?

    • John, I just did 17 mile Drive on the recommendation of a local at the Hiker/Biker site at Vet Memorial Park. Very cool. Fueling up at Starbucks for the ride down the coast.

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