PCS Day 16

May 20, 2016

Daly City – Rest Day

5.9 miles, 00:40 in the saddle, 474 ft of climbing

Total Miles: 847

Only one picture today.

I took care of laundry, bought a fuel canister for the stove, and bought a long sleeve thermal top. I spent several hours at a Panera Bread shop updating the blog, and then more time sorting, drying, dealing with gear, and blogging at the motel.

The motel worked out great. My only issue, is the windy conditions and the stinking hills! Doesn’t matter where you go in Daly City, there are hills!

I had dinner at a mediocre Mexican restaurant tonight, the same place I ate last night, because I did not want to deal with more hills!

I booked a room at the Davenport Road House in, well, Davenport for tomorrow night. It is just under 60 miles down the road, and will give me a chance to catch up with Logan, as he is planning a rest day in Santa Cruz tomorrow. Depending on how I feel after tomorrow, I’ll decide weather I’ll try to catch him! In order to catch him I’ll have to put in another 60 mile day to meet him at Veteran’s Park in Monterey.

4 thoughts on “PCS Day 16

    • Narciso, the tire’s have been awesome. I tried to be careful on the dirt roads I was on but there were lots of rocks, and the tires held up fine. I aired them down a bit for the dirt. Once back on pavement, on one of the screaming descents I felt the tires squirm as leaned through a corner. I stopped at the bottom and added some air!

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