PCS Day 14

May 18, 2016

Bodega Bay SP to Samuel Taylor SP

41.7 miles, 3:37 in the saddle, 2697 ft climbing

Total Miles: 796

I got up about 6, and Frank, the other old geezer, was already packing his stuff up. He’s headed north, and we had warned him. of the big climb ahead.

I left a little after 8, and labored over the hills inland to Tomales, where I stopped at the Tomales Deli & Cafe for breakfast. It was run by a single, efficient man but with only a few other customers trickling in while I had the “Basic Breakfast” on the menu of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast.

I was feeling very sluggish today, just gearing down and spinning up the hills if my gears allowed. I think I am feeling the last 5 days of pretty hard efforts. I need a rest day! My goal, along with Logan’s was Samuel Taylor SP, which was just 41 miles away. So I was glad I only had 25 or so left when I rolled out of Tomales. Just as I was leaving another NB’r pulled into the cafe. We chatted briefly. He’s coming from Sedona, AZ, and is headed up the coast, and then on the TransAm east.

The terrain now has got much dryer, with steep hills covered in grass. Soon I was riding along Tomales Bay, which apparently houses a lot of oyster farms. There were lots of Oyster themed restaurants along the way.
By mid day it was actually hot. The ACA route takes you off of Hwy 1 just before Point Reyes Station to get to Samuel Taylor SP. I chose to go on into Point Reyes Station to get some supplies for tonight. After grabbing a few things another SB rider I had met earlier explained I did not need to backtrack to the ACA route, but that there was a more direct route that would get me to the SP.

I think this house was featured in Sunset Magazine

Tomales Bay

That looked good to me so I took it. Trouble was, it involved a big climb over a hill. I was sweating like a pig grinding up the hill with a 6.5 mph tailwind, the exact speed I was maintaining. I stopped once, and immediately felt the nice breeze at my back. But soon enough I was over the climb and dropped down to a creek where I turned onto the Marin Trail Bike Path, and then I was in peaceful shaded bliss, all the way to the campground.

Marin Trail Bike Path

I think it was around 2 or 3 when I got to the campground. The Hiker/Biker section was nice and shaded and close to bathrooms and the showers. I got set up and cleaned up before Logan pulled in. I worked on the blog some before getting dinner together.

I really want to get through San Francisco tomorrow and down the coast a bit for a rest day. Thankfully I had good cell reception and I started trying to get a room in Half Moon Bay. But there were no reasonably priced rooms to be had. I eventually booked a room in Daly City, just southwest of SF, for the next 2 nights.

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