PCS Day 13

May 17, 2016

Manchester KOA to Bodega Bay SP

71.1 miles, 5:31 time in the saddle, 4846 ft climbing

Total Miles: 755

The locals we talked with yesterday suggested a coffee shop called Spinks in Gualala, so that was my destination for breakfast, and it was quite good. The ride to Gualala was mostly through rural pastures and fields with lots of small rollers. The temps were actually warm, although the breezes still cool.

Weird Tree Sculpture

Amazing Beaches

Cool house on cliff

More beautiful coastline. It is all melding together in my memory now. There were lots of fancy homes along the way, including an area called Sea Ranch, where all the houses were clad in weathered cedar siding.

Lots of these signs along the way

I stopped at the Fort Ross store for some dinner supplies. Soon after were some big climbs and descents before getting to Bodega Bay.

Fort Ross Store

Another pretty beach

View from the handlebar

Here’s a video from near the top of the climb.

Looking back – Fast decent!

Logan was setting up camp when I arrived. There ended up being 4 single riders, including another old geezer like me and a Swiss couple in the Hiker/Biker site tonight. Good visiting with folks.

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