PCS day 12

May 16, 2016

Westport Beach RV Park to Manchester KOA

58.0 miles, 4:43 in the saddle, 3897 ft climbing

Total Miles: 684

Gorgeous day. The winds were cool but the sun warm, and tail winds most of the way. This was a day of just beautiful coastline. The road snaked around small coves and beaches with lots of dips and rises, but no huge hills.

Inn I had hoped to stay at last night

Before Fort Bragg the ride included a bike path that was right on the beach. This path, which was once a road I think spit me out in Fort Bragg, right at a Denny’s where I had a big breakfast, and had a good talk with Saree on the phone.

10 Mile Beach Trail near fort Bragg

The riding was really nice south of Fort Bragg. At times I could see shadows from the clouds overhead, and the shadows were moving down the road in front of me faster than I was riding. I guess the winds aloft were even more than the brisk tailwinds I was enjoying!

Fancy houses

Whoo Hoo, that’s me going 27 mph!

Cool Bridge, due to it’s curvature. Also, ubiquitous logging truck.

Doesn’t look steep, but that was a fun downhill

Yes, no semi’s!

Typical coast

There was lots of pasture land leading down to bluffs on the coast. Very pretty.

Cows, grazing with a million dollar view

I met two more northbounders, Rob and Tom from Tasmania. I hope they get some tailwinds eventually. They reported the Manchester KOA was the place to stay. $10 includes showers, and a hot tub!

When I pulled into the KOA, Logan had just arrived ahead of me. Good to be camping together again. He was impressed I had caught back up to him. We had a hot tub soak and enjoyed talking with a local couple.

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