PCS Day 9

May 13, 2016
Patrick’s Point SP to Redcrest Resort
72.6 miles, 5:24 in the saddle, 2374 ft climbing 
Total Miles: 531
Today was a day of parting for Logan and I. We’ve camped at the same place the last 6 nights, except for my stay in the motel in Crescent City. Logan is trying to get in sync with the Pacific Bike Route book, and plans a long day to Burlington Campground near Weott.
My plans differed, although I changed them once I started riding. But nevertheless I said goodby to Logan as I was leaving camp this morning. We rode separately, and pretty much did out own things in camp, but it was nice to see a familiar face and talk about the day’s ride and plans for the next day. I wish him the best.
So my original plans had been to venture off the ACA route and take some little used, dirt roads through what is called the Lost Coast area of California. My planned route went from near Weott over a big climb through the mountains to Honeydew, then south through the King Range Conservation Area on Wilder Ridge Road, then King Peak Rd, and eventually Chemise Mountain Rd, and Usal Rd to connect once again to 101. I had read a couple of accounts of folks cycling this so I knew it was challenging but doable.
Well, I had talked myself out of attempting all that, and had decided to to what ACA calls the Lost Coast Alternative, which is challenging itself, but stays on paved roads.
But as I left Patrick’s and rode down Trinadad Scenic Drive, which had some gravel sections, and was beautiful, I decided that I should stick to my original plan, and because of that I would try to get to Burlington CG just like Logan. It would be a 70+ mile ride but was a lot of freeway and not a lot of climbing.

Trinidad Scenic Drive

OK, so I started pedaling. I was hoping to find some breakfast not too far into the ride, but due to the complicated routing (on some nice bike paths) I never found a convenient spot and ended up in Arcata where I got a Bacon Cheese Scrambagel at Los Bagels, a hip local bagel shop.
That fueled me for the freeway ride to neighboring Eureka, where I went off route and googled my way to Revolution Cycles where I bought some tights (I had brought only knee warmers). 
An aside, I hope to write a brief report on some of my equipment. But one thing I almost sent home, but had left in the bottom of a pannier is the Ortlieb handlebar bag map holder. The map holder snaps onto the top of the bag, and I really like having the maps handy. But the map folder flaps in the breeze and is at best a distraction, and at worst an hazard on a downhill. So I’ve been going without it and having to stop and get the map out of the bag (or do it while rolling along, probably not a good idea) when I needed to reference the map. Well, as you’ve read I have missed a few turns, and today’s route were complicated getting in and around McKinleyville, Arcata, and Eureka, so I stopped at one point and put the darned thing back on.
I rode on the 101 freeway leaving Eureka and didn’t take some of the ACA routes off the freeway in the interest of getting to Burlington. So the freeway riding was just sort of put-your head-down-and-ride. Not my favorite riding. I got off the freeway in Fortuna for a late lunch and ended up face-timing Saree for a bit. That was encouraging.
Then it was just hammer away for Burlington. But looking at the map I decided that I’d shoot for a resort in Redcrest, which cut off 6 miles from today’s ride and meant I wouldn’t have to backtrack about 3 miles tomorrow.
I pulled onto the Avenue of the Giants, and with just 6.5 miles to Redcrest I was happy to be on the narrow low traffic, and peaceful route. But after just a mile or so suddenly the traffic was horrendous. There were lines coming at me and traffic backed up behind me. There is no shoulder and no room to pass with the oncoming stream of traffic. I pulled over numerous times to let the cars go by. When I finally got to Redcrest I was worn out and frazzled, and I usually am not bothered by traffic.

In talking with an RV’er at the resort (from Alaska no less) I discovered there had been a bad accident on 101 and they had diverted north and south traffic onto the Avenue. Oh well. I’ve actually seen a lot of the redwoods, and will have some tomorrow.

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