PCS Day 8

May 12, 2016

Crescent City to Patrick’s Point SP

57.5 miles, 4:53 in the saddle, 3702 ft. climbing.
Total Miles: 459
Left town at 8 sharp. Gray overcast skies and chilly fog off the ocean with temps in the low 50s. The climb started right out of town and was a pretty steady 5-6% for several miles. It was pretty busy traffic-wise with numerous passing lanes. But the shoulders disappeared when the passing lanes appeared, and most cars and trucks passed without moving to the left lane. Irritating.

But I enjoyed the climb. I thought about why I like climbs. I think it is because climbs give back. You anticipate the decent earned on the climb. Headwinds are the opposite. They take but don’t give.
Anyway, I stopped numerous times to put on and take off my wind jacket to deal with the fog that I climbed through. But the big Redwoods I was climbing through were most impressive. Finally, the sun peaked out as the climb topped out and I shed the wind gear, and started down only to immediately dive back into the fog. Back on with the jacket, and I even used my Showers Pass gloves for the chilly decent. It was fast and suddenly I was back at the coast.

I pulled into Klamath, CA and mailed some stuff home. Lightened my load by 3-4 lbs for the next climb! I got a quick burger at a big and very nice fuel stop place, run by it appears the local native tribe.

Then is was on to the Newton B. Drury Pkwy, that immediately pitched up at a steady 6%. But there was no traffic and I was mesmerized by the giant Redwoods towered above the misty slopes. I stopped once, and all I could hear was the dripping of the dew forming in leaves high above.
Soon, the road headed down, but at a gentle 2% grade or so, and I just coasted along craning my neck looking at the trees. I stopped briefly to look at the “Big Tree”. Of course it’s just another big tree in a forest of big trees. There’s no way to really take a picture that in any way give justice to these 2000 year old living giants. And anyway, have they really gone around the entire forest to measure all the trees to decide this is the biggest? But still, I looked at it and took a picture like a good tourist.

Oh and I got my picture taken by a nice gentleman and this tree, probably the most photographed tree in the forest.

Well all good things come to an end, and soon I had to pedal again to get into Orick, where I got some food for dinner and a Club Sandwich at The Palm Cafe. And that fueled me the remaining miles to a Hiker/Biker site at Patrick’s Point SP.
The Hiker/Biker site appears to be repurposed old group site. It’s way at the back of the park, and feels and looks a bit unkempt. Logan arrived shortly after I did, and we enjoyed a walk around a couple of overlooks in the park before fixing our dinners and heading to bed.

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