PCS Day 7

May 11, 2016
Harris Beach SP to Crescent City
30 miles, 2:13 in the saddle, 620 ft climbing
Total Miles: 399.
With a short day on tap there was no need to rush, but I was all packed up by 8 or so. Logan was just getting up so we planned a bit. The big news for them is that Tanner is heading home tomorrow to start a job, and Logan will be forging on alone. So they have had to sort out all the gear and figure out how Logan can carry everything he needs. He only has rear panniers which so he has to plan carefully.
We plan to get to the same campsite tomorrow. Logan is following the book on bicycling the coast, that has lots of information, but lacks the detailed maps that I’m using. And the routes are not always the same. Anyway, we’ll see how our plans mesh together.

Harris Beach SP Early Morning

I bid Oregon adieu today. I stopped at the lovely Information center they have near the CA border and gave my thanks to Oregon State Parks. Their campgrounds are lovely and well maintained. The bathrooms were all spotless. Very impressed.

Oregon Welcome Center

I missed a turn again where the route goes off of 101. I picked it up later though, and it went through lovely little rural areas and tiny little towns. I passed several little elementary schools and the sounds of kids playing and the distinctive squeek of the swings brought back memories.

Lovely Rural Roads

I got into Crescent City about noon and checked into my motel. After a shower I wore my only clean things left and went to a laundromat and washed everything else. That felt good.
Logan texted me and came by the motel to borrow a tire boot from me. It looks like he’s got everything ready to ride on his own tomorrow. We plan to get to Patrick’s Point SP. But it involves a big 1000+ foot climb over to Klamath, CA., and 750 foot climb through Redwoods. Should be fun.

2 thoughts on “PCS Day 7

    • Thanks Tab, for your encouragement. The ride has been harder than I thought it would be, but the scenery has been amazing. I appreciate the comments.

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