PCS Day 6

May 10, 2016
Humbug Mtn SP to Harris Beach SP
54.8 miles, 4:38 in the saddle, 3285 ft of climbing

Total Miles: 315
I slept well last night, got up, had coffee and two donuts (worked yesterday) and got on the road at 8:15. Beautiful sunny day. I didn’t need my arm or knee warmers, so I slathered on some sunscreen before heading out. The air was cool in the shade but warmed up into the 70s.

Camp at Humbug Mtn SP

Leaving Humbug the highway heads inland to skirt the mountain but soon I was back at the coast with beautiful vistas.

Looking Back at Humbug Mtn

My plan was to stop about 2 hours into the day and make coffee and eat my last two donuts. I also planned to take a route inland based on the ACA maps but I rode right by the turnoff and when I figured it out I wan’t going back. And I realized I wasn’t all that far from Gold Beach where I could find a real breakfast, so I continued on. I did follow the recommended route on the Oregon Coast Bike Route down the Old Coast Highway north of Gold Beach. It was a tiny lane at first and was a fun alternative for a few miles from 101. It met back up with 101 just before the Rouge River Bridge into Gold Beach.

Bridge over Rouge River

I got into Gold Beach about 10:30, found the Double Ds Cafe, and had a huge breakfast. I promise not to post too many of these but here it is.

That’s a big sausage patty

The cafe had wifi so I added a few pictures to yesterday’s blog. Boy I gotta keep up with this or I loose track of where and when I was at various places. Oh, and I almost ate it all, but I took the toast with me for dinner.
A big climb awaited me as I left but it was at a steady grade and took about 45 minutes to the top. Just after the top there was a turn off to Cape Sebastian lookout, which I took, and realized it went straight up. After switch-backing to get in my granny ring I grunted up the 1/4 mile hill which took me to an uninspiring overgrown viewpoint. But I earned it!

Big bonus climb for this view

The road into Brookings had various viewpoints of the coast, so here are some pictures, oh, and a cool bridge.

Gratuitous Selfie

Coast near Brookings

I got into Harris Beach SP about 2:20. I pitched my tent and rode the 2 more miles into town and again couldn’t find an open coffee shop to hang out in. So I went to MacDonalds and worked on yesterday’s blog. When I got back to camp Logan and Tanner had just arrived.
Today was a nice ride. I took my time and enjoyed the scenery. Tomorrow will be a short ride to Crescent City where I’m going to get a motel for the night, and do laundry. Not an off day, but a short day.

4 thoughts on “PCS Day 6

  1. We are enjoying your blog, Ted. Mom is curious as always about where you are and the pictures help her understand better.

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