PCS Day 5

May 9, 2016
Sunset Bay SP to Humbug Mtn SP
61.1 miles, 4:50 in the saddle, 3128 ft climbing.

Total Miles: 315.
After a cup of coffee and packing up I left camp at around 8:30. I backtracked the few miles to Charleston and had another cup of coffee at the general store and bought a package of old fashioned donuts and had two for breakfast.
Something I ate yesterday didn’t sit well last night and something greasy wasn’t appetizing. But the donuts fueled me well over Seven Devils Road that takes the route off of 101 for some quieter riding. The road also had a series of short and steep climbs. Someone had marked the tops of the climbs with Devil #1, #2, etc. along with other encouragements. Looked like there was some sort of organized ride that went through earlier.
I stopped to take the picture below, when along came Theodore, riding a Surly Big Dummy and heading south. He’s actually headed to Virginia, and will head east somewhere around Fort Bragg, CA.

Yes I do!


There was a thrilling decent on Whiskey Run Lane and then we were back on 101 into Bandon. I grabbed a breakfast sandwich and coffee at a small coffee shop and continued on Beech Loop Rd that takes you through big houses sitting on the coast and resorts and finally connects back to 101. 

Near Bandon

The rest of 101 into Port Orford is not particularly interesting. Fair amount of traffic through rural forest land and farming. And the tail winds picked up again, probably 20+ gusty mph in places. I met another north bound rider and he came over to talk. He’s riding an old beat up mountain bike but seems to be having the time of his life. He talked a little about how he was dealing with the headwinds. It would surly mess with your head. Interesting guy. As we were standing there on the road the gusts nearly blew us over. I don’t know how he could continue on very far.

Beto, northbound into the wind

 I wanted to find a place to hang out and post yesterdays blog but was unsuccessful. At 3 pm on Monday Port Orford seemed closed up. I got an espresso at one shop but they were closing soon. I ended up getting some food for dinner, and then had a late lunch in a small upscale restaurant (the only open one I could find) called Redfish.

View from Redfish. Humbug Mtn in the distance.

Leaving Port Orford, 101 is suddenly back on the coast with dramatic vistas of the ocean and rock formations. A few miles south the road turns inland to skirt Humbug Mountain. There is a beautiful State Park there where I am staying tonight. Real nice Hiker/Biker sites, and a modern and well kept shower facility. It’s a real deal for $5.

I’ve been thinking about what I can say about the ride itself, and my feelings are mixed. I am really enjoying riding through some beautiful country I have not seen before. But it is hard work, and for me, instead of being able to sort of relish what I’ve come through, I’m stressed about where my next stop will be, where I will camp, etc. I think this will get easier. I am looking forward to my first rest day and a motel in a few more days.

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