PCS Day 4

May 8, 2016

Honeyman SP to Sunset Bay SP

56.9 miles, 4:26 in the saddle, 2570 ft of climbing

Total Miles: 254.

Rained fitfully last night, as was my sleep. The wind was whooshing the trees around and I think it would shake loose the rain and it would come in a short barrage of large (sounding anyway) drops. I finally put some ear plugs in to help me sleep.
I made one cup of coffee and had a couple of rolls left over from yesterday and headed out a little after 9 am. I was chilly all day in spite of sunshine much of the day. The air was still in the mid 50s and I kept my arm warmers on all day.

The scenery was sort of dull today. You could catch glimpses of large sand dunes (some encroaching nearly to the highway) but it was mostly woods and a lot of traffic, and up and down. So that was okay. Nevertheless I was sort of uninspired today and had to just plod along.

Little Oregon History

I stopped in Reedsport for a real breakfast . Due to the popularity of the cafe I chose (the first one I saw, the Harbor Light Restaurant) or Mother’s Day, I had to wait outside for about 15 minutes to get a table, and I was chilled. Once inside the service was slow due to a large group of 4 older couples that were right ahead of me, but that was fine with me. The breakfast was great and the coffee hot and regularly refilled.

Coos Bay was sort of a typical ugly town full of strip malls and run down businesses, at least on the ACA route through. The bridge though was fun. As in Newport, the tail wind and downhill on the south side was exhilarating. Cars were passing me until the downhill where I was going nearly as fast as they were and they waited for me to get off the bridge. There aren’t shoulders on the bridge but cars can and do pass you with minimal but I guess adequate clearance. Nevertheless it is a bit stressful. I concentrate on staying as close to edge as safe and keep a steady line.

Bridge Over Coos Bay

I did stop at a McDonalds in Coos Bay and updated the blog and had a hamburger. I got to Sunset Bay SP where they set aside some sites for Hiker/Bikers on a loop that was closed for the winter. Real nice, and again enjoyed the hot showers.

Tanner and Logan pulled in shortly after I got my camp set up. Had a nice chat with them. I’ll probably see them tomorrow night as we’re all planning on reaching Humbug Mtn SP just south of Port Orford.

3 thoughts on “PCS Day 4

  1. Sounds like you picked a great time of year for your trip. I know a lot of the coadtal hiker/biker sites can get full in summer. I live in Eugene, OR. My bf has the same bike. He loves it, too. I’ve enjoyed following your blog. Have fun as you head south! Jo

  2. With chilly weather I’m sure it’s nice to have a tail wind. Envy tails you as well. Living vicariously so keep up the posts. 🚴👍

  3. Way to go, Ted! I’m sharing your blog with Mom and she’s enjoying it. She was very pleased with the flowers you and Saree sent her for Mother’s Day!

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