PCS Day 3

May 7, 2016
69 miles, 4:59:55 in the saddle, 3471 ft of climbing.

Total miles: 197.
Had a great breakfast of pancakes with the Browns and then packed up and headed out about 8:50 am. Right away I was on Otter Crest Loop, a 3.5 miles beautiful side road that avoids busy 101.

Otter Crest Loop

Cool Bridge on Otter Crest Loop

I missed the start of a bypass in Newport, but after a McDonalds coffee break I got back on the route and crossed the Yaquina Bay Bridge, which was a thrilling 38 mph coast down the north side with the brisk tail wind that I enjoyed most of the day.

Yaquina Bay Bridge

I stopped numerous times to take pictures but made good time on the rolling hills along the coast. While I was snacking at the Seal Rock State Rec Area I met a couple of young men, Logan and Tanner doing the full Pacific Coast route (Vancouver, BC to San Diego). I may see them later down the road.

Cool Bridge #?

Logan & Tanner Southbound

I stopped for lunch of pizza and a beer in Waldport, and updated the blog. After lunch I continued to make good time on what is a pretty busy section of 101. I passed by Carl G. Washburne SP about 3 pm, where I’d thought I might stay the night. I decided to keep going to Honeyman Memorial SP, about 17 miles further.

Right after Washburne was a long climb that had me dragging a bit. I passed through the tunnel near Heceta Head and stopped at the overlook. A north bound biking couple pulled up and were all smiles in spite of dealing with what for them is a monster head wind. They are from England and started in LA, went to Grand Canyon, then up through the Sierras to San Francisco and are now headed to Vancouver.

Trina & Matt from England

Trina offered to take my picture

After some steady riding I finally pulled into the Fred Meyers in Florence. There is a huge sand dune right behind it and the sand was blowing. I got food for dinner and motored on the 4 miles or so to Honeyman. The hiker/biker site was deserted so I set up camp, took advantage of the free showers and made my dinner of ramen and spam.

Honeyman Campsite

Logan and Tanner arrived a little before dark. The wind continued to blow through the tall trees, but it wasn’t too bad in the camp.

3 thoughts on “PCS Day 3

  1. Those tailwinds must be wonderful. Looks like you’re having a great time. Thanks for keeping us posted. At the end of the TransAm ride in Florence last summer, we were greeted with a very stiff wind from the North. I’m sure the couple from England had a rough go of it.

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