PCS Day 2

May 6, 2016

47.2 miles, 3:50 in the saddle, total time about 6:20. 2281 ft of climbing.

Total Miles 130.

I woke up to a tent dripping with dew. If I can I’ll look for a site next time with morning sun to help dry things off. After a couple cups of coffee I finally got packed up and on the road about 8:40 am.

Officially on the Oregon Coast Bike Route

I was planning on breakfast about 10 miles down the road but I ended up riding 17 miles to Neskowin and it was about 10:15 when I stopped for a big breakfast at a local cafe. I used their internet to update the blog, and took my time leaving.

Back on the road the ACA route takes you up Old Scenic Hwy 101, and it was scenic. And a bit of a climb. But a nice gentle 5-6% max twisty road up through the forest. And the decent was just as sweet into Otis where I got an espresso to boost my energy.

Old Scenic Hwy 101

Cool Bridge on Old Hwy 101

I was definitely feeling the hard effort yesterday and tried to not push things today. Oh, and what a beautiful day. Nary a cloud, mid 60s. The air was cool and the sun warm. And tail winds most of the day, including what I estimated to be 15 mph winds pushing me from Lincoln City to Depoe Bay.

Boiler Bay

I gave my friend Roger in Depoe Bay a call from Lincoln City and got directions to their home just off 101. I arrived about 3 pm. I had a good visit with Roger and a hot shower! After Letty got home from work they treated me to a great dinner out and we enjoyed catching up and visiting, and I did some laundry. Thanks Roger and Letty, I really enjoyed my stay!

Another great day.

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