PCS Day 1

May 5, 2016

81.2 miles, 6:59 in the saddle, total time about 8:30. 4012 ft of climbing.

Marygen fixed me up with an awesome breakfast of bacon and eggs, toast, fruit, and bacon and egg mcmuffin to boot. I was fueled for my ride.

And it was a great first day, albeit a bit longer than I intended. My route took me south to Carlton and then west over the mountains along the Nestucca River. I basically followed this route.

The day was mild, and mostly sunny – simply perfect biking weather. And the scenery matched it as I traversed the bucolic rolling hills to Carlton. Then the climb began, first through more idyllic farm land and vineyards and then into towering pine(?) trees. I struggled with some cramping on the way up, which is usual for me on early season rides.

But I love the climbs for some reason. I’d much rather climb than ride flat roads. I get into a groove and just grind away looking forward to the decent. At 5 mph you hear and see much more than at 15 mph. And I used my 24-36 gears on a few of the steep pitches. My computer said the max was 16%. I don’t know how accurate it is but I know there were some steep ones, especially when hauling 85 lbs of bike and gear.

I pulled into the Rocky Bend campground in the mountains that I had thought I might stay at. Had I looked at my computer I might have stayed because I was about 56 miles into the ride. But it was only 3:30 and I thought that Whalen Island County Park might be doable so I decided to go for it. I suffered a bit, having to nurse my cramping legs, but made decent time.

The Whalen Island County park is a nice quiet little campground although it did cost $20. But I wasn’t riding any further.

Whalen Island Campsite

It’ll be a much shorter day tomorrow into Depoe Bay where I’m staying with friends I haven’t seen in 15 or more years.

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