PCS Tour – Final Preparations

PCS Final Preparations

Forest Grove, OR

I made it along with all my stuff to Portland yesterday. I was concerned when they pushed my bike box on it’s side through the oversize door at Portland and the bottom of the box was flapping open. The guy at TSA in Anchorage did a great job taping the top shut after they did their inspection. But I apparently should have checked the tape job on the bottom.

Leaving Anchorage

Anyway the, the bike is fine, put I’m pretty sure it fell out of the box as they were moving it. I had things secured pretty well together, but a few things were jostled loose. I did a quick check ride today after getting the front rack and fender back together and all looks well.

Tough Surly, survived falling out of the box

Thanks to the generosity of our friends in Forrest Grove I had a nice dinner last night and a leisurely evening working on the bike and organizing the stuff. Way too much stuff. But I’m starting with it for now!

Today I made a run to REI for my stove fuel and Walmart for some food to get me through a couple days riding. Then went through the stuff again. Does this get easier?

But I’m now as ready as I’ll get. The plan is to clip in tomorrow and head out around 9 am.

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