Bike Tour Planning #2

PCS Tour Planning #2

I’m going to call this ride the PCS Tour, the Pacific Coast Sierras Tour.

Besides obsessing over the gear, the bike, and how to carry all the gear, I’ve been obsessing over the route as well. Not so much the route itself, but what I’ll encounter on the route. So I’ve been Googling the route, looking at streetview, pouring over the maps, reading and re-reading the notes and on and on and on. Jeez, I just need to start riding!

But it’s not just the maps. There are hundreds of journals on Crazyguyonabike of folks that have done parts of the tour, and the son of friends of ours cycled the Pacific Coast back in 2011 and blogged about it. I’ve been going through all this stuff. It boggles the mind.

So, here are the ACA maps I’ll be using, along with the very helpful Oregon Coast Bicycle Route Map, which Oregon will send to you for the asking. I plan to make good use of the Oregon State Park campgrounds with their cheap and no-reservation-required Hiker/Biker sites.

Maps for the PCS Tour

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