Long Overdue Update

Well, my last post was way back in May 2014, and it was about my first 400K Brevet which took place in June 2012. The post before it was in January 2014, more than two years ago! As my “About” page states, my intention for this blog is to document some of my cycling activities. I have been riding my bike, but obviously not writing about it!

I really admire folks that actually blog regularly, and I hope to do a bit better in the future, but I’m probably never going to be a prolific blogger. It takes to much mental energy for me to write much.

So, for my re-entry to the blogosphere let me briefly recap some of my cycling activities for 2014-2015.


I rode 200K, 300K, 600K brevets, and a couple of permanents (200K and 300K). I DNF’d on the 400K, so didn’t get Super Randonneurs status for 2014.

I then rode a 1200K Grand Randonnee, the Central California Coast Ranndonee (3CR) in August 2014. The 3CR was a wonderful experience that I hope to do a separate post on in the future. It was much harder for me than the first 1200K I did in 2013, the Big Wild Ride here in Alaska. Day 2 of the 3CR was the most difficult day of riding for me, ever, for a variety of reasons. But it was also the most beautiful and awesome ride as well, including the section of the California Coast from Monterey to Morro Bay. Incredible ride. Unfortunately I was suffering so much that it took all my mental energy to keep going. But what a feeling of accomplishment to get it done in the end. More on that ride later.


Suffering on the California Coast


I managed just one 200K brevet and a couple populaires in 2015. We had lots of summer guests and I just didn’t have the motivation to ride that much.

But the real news for 2015 is that I retired in August after a little over 30 years with the Federal Government. I have big plans for a bike tour in 2016 which I’ll outline in a future post.

Ted Retirement

Last Day of Work!

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