Coffeeneuring #5

Ok, for this week’s coffeeneuring report I’m using the Chasing Mailboxes Guest Post format.

Guest Coffeeneuring Blog Post Questions

1) Where do you live? I live in Eagle River, Alaska.  Been here quite a while it seems.

2) How did you decide to coffeeneur?  I stumbled on the Chasing Mailboxes blog several years ago.  I was probably googling randonneuring or maybe Surly Long Haul Trucker, and wound up frequenting MG’s blog.  I had completed my second year of randonneuring when I saw the announcement of the inagural Coffeeneuring Challenge, and decided to do it.  I found it was a great incentive to get on the bike! I missed last year’s challenge but I’m back for this one.

3) What bike are you using as your coffeeneuring bike? What makes it a good coffeeneuring bike?  Second question first – Any bike! First question – I’m using my Gunnar Sport so far for this challenge.  I may use some of my other bikes before the challenge is through, but the Gunnar is my preferred bike, especially for longer distances.  So far the weather’s been nice and most of my coffeeneuring has been into Anchorage which means a 30+ mile roundtrip.

4) Where did you choose to coffeeneur for this coffeeneuring trip? Midnight Sun Cafe.

5) Is the coffee shop beautiful and the coffee delicious? Tell us a little about your coffeeneuring locale. In my pre-low carb diet days I frequented this shop for lunch as it’s just a couple blocks from work and they have great soup/sandwich specials.  I don’t think I had ever sampled their coffee until today. Well, the coffee is as good as their food!  I ordered a dopio and a side of bacon.  It is an unassuming shop in a storefront under a parking garage, but the food and friendly service sets it apart from a lot of coffee places.

Midnight Sun Cafe

Midnight Sun Cafe

Low Carb Goodness

Low Carb Goodness

6) What other types of riding do you do besides coffeeneuring? Randonnuering has been my focus the last couple years.  I completed a full Brevet series, a Populaire, a 1200K, and a couple more 200Ks this year.  I occasionally get out on my mountain bike, and this last winter really enjoyed riding my fat-tire bike.

7) What else did I forget to ask you that you want to share? Well, to meet the requirements of Rule #5 I need to add a few more details of the ride!  This ride happened on 10/19/2013, and was 38.5 miles long.

Finally, a few more notes and pictures from the ride. I rode around Goose Lake on the way home.  I hadn’t been on this trail in awhile.


Nice little bike trail roundabout.


And some sun on the ride back along the Glenn Highway.


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