Coffeeneuring #2

Date: Sunday, October 6, 2013
Destination:  Jitters, Eagle River, AK
Drink:  Another Doppio
Miles:  19.5 miles

I wasn’t planning on doing another ride this weekend, but Tom let me know he was available so I thought, sure, the more I get done the less pressure at the end!  Tom lives in Anchorage, and was willing to ride out to Eagle River so my ride wouldn’t have to be so long.  The weather forecast was for rain and low 40s, but the rain didn’t materialize until after I was done.  Not sure about Tom’s ride home.  I left my house about 20 minutes after he left and rode towards Anchorage, meeting Tom between Ship Creek and Muldoon.  I turned around and we rode on in to Jitters, my favorite local coffee shop.  I hadn’t seen Tom since he completed the 1400K London-Edinburgh-London ride this summer, so it was good to catch up a bit.  We rode 200K, 300K, and 600K Brevets together earlier this summer.

Jitters with Tom

Jitters with Tom

We parted ways after our coffee, Tom headed back to Anchorage, and I headed up the hill home.

Tom and Bikes at Jitters

Tom and Bikes at Jitters

Another great Coffeeneuring Ride.  2 down, only 5 to go!


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