Third Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge

I am participating in the Third Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge.  Without going into a lot of details the challenge is  simply to ride your bike to 7 different local coffee shops over a period of seven weeks.  As I love bikes and coffee this should be an easy challenge, right?  But, the challenge runs  from October 5 to November 17, not the most hospitable riding weather in Alaska.  Part of the requirements of the challenge is to record a brief summary of each ride.

I participated in the first Coffeeneuring Challenge two years ago and my ride reports were posted by MG (the Coffeeneuring Challenge Creator) on the Chasing Mailboxes blog here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

This year I’m  using the Coffeeneuring Challenge as an excuse to start my own blog.  So I’ll be recording summaries of my Coffeeneuring rides as my first entries.

My home town of Eagle River, Alaska only has about 4 different coffee shops.  There are a couple of Starbucks located in different grocery stores that would qualify under the Coffeeneuring rules, but I wanted to try to get to some coffee places in Anchorage as well. So my plan is to get the longer rides into Anchorage early in the challenge so that the later rides in November will be shorter ones here in Eagle River.


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